Conference talks

Michel @ reactive-conf 2018, Prague

MobX - the journey

React Finland (2019)25-04-2019 Video | Slides

Modern React and the case for Reactive State Management

You Gotta Love Frontend CodeCamp Tel Aviv (2019)03-04-2019 Video | Slides

State management beyond the libraries

HolyJS (2018)24-11-2018 Video | Slides

State management beyond the libraries

ReactiveConf (2018)29-10-2018 Video | Slides

The fun of runtime type systems

ReactEurope (2018)18-05-2018 Video | Slides

Immer: Immutability made easy

React Finland (2018)25-04-2018 Video | Slides

There and back again: grokking state and data

React Amsterdam (2018)13-04-2018 Video | Slides

React: It's not a framework for the UI, but a framework for the mind

Frontend Developer Love (2018)23-02-2018 Video | Slides

React, but for data

React Next (2017)10-09-2017 Video | Slides

Next generation state management

ReactEurope (2017)18-05-2017 Video | Slides

Complexity: Divide and Conquer!

React Amsterdam (2017)21-04-2017 Video | Slides

Immer-mutable state management

ReactiveConf (2016)28-10-2016 Video | Slides

Becoming a ruler of state

React Next (2016)15-09-2016 Video | Slides

Magic MobX

RuhrJS 201603-07-2016 Video | Slides

State Management Is Easy

React Amsterdam (2016)16-04-2016 Video | Slides
Michel @ frontend-love conf 2018, Amsterdam