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UI as an afterthought

Or: how will React context and hooks change the game of state management? | link | 05-02-2019

Distributing state changes using snapshots, patches and actions

Part 2: Distributing patches and rebasing actions using Immer | link | 20-09-2018

Distributing state changes using snapshots, patches and actions 

Part 1: Introducing the concepts of snapshots, patches and actions | link | 06-09-2018

How to fix nasty circular dependency issues once and for all in JavaScript & TypeScript

Getting a grip on module loading order beyond trial and error | link | 19-07-2018

MobX 4: Better, simpler, faster, smaller

..and still, MobX 5 will be even more awesome 😺 | link | 12-03-2018

How to decouple state and UI

a.k.a. you don’t need componentWillMount | link | 22-08-2016

MobX, ReactJS and Flux

Interview by SurviveJS | link | 19-08-2015

Pure rendering in the light of time and state

(it's the assignment-operator's fault) | link | 13-07-2015